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LeaseBroker, your partner in flexible financing solutions.

Are you an entrepreneur: starter, self-employed or SME company director? Are you looking for financing that is fiscally advantageous and allows you to use your own funds for other things within your company? We guide you - as your financial partner - towards the ideal financing solution for your specific situation.

Our approach: fast and simple

  1. Financing request: you provide us with the offer for your vehicle or machine.

  2. Approval: we process your file within 24 hours; we search the entire Belgian market for your needs.

  3. Your approval: we combine the proposals and give you a detailed approval.

  4. Delivery: after your approval, we take care of further processing and administration so that your vehicle/machine can be delivered ready for use.

Which financing is most suitable for you?

Financial leasing:
Long-term rental with purchase option, comes on your company balance sheet.

Financial renting:
Long-term rental with purchase option, does not appear on your company's balance sheet, but is entered as an expense.

Operating leasing:
Leasing formula for companies, including maintenance, repair, tyres and insurance.

Rental formula with low residual value where you become the owner at the end of the contract.

Sale & lease back:
As owner, you sell your object and immediately rent it back. This way, you still have the property but also new capital.

Business Finance:                                                                                                                                                
Traditional financing where you borrow the net amount and pay the full VAT amount at the start.

Financing of a small amount (> €10 000), repayable in the short term, e.g. an advance.

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