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Heli Group is coming to MATEXPO 2017 and we're bringing our newest tricks to the show! In this series of articles, we will be presenting the machines and products we will be taking to the show so you know what you can expect!


The SL 380 range offers every type of user a custom machine, and now the series has an additional model, the Smartlift SL 380 Outdoor High Lifter – just that one size bigger.

The machine is 0.82 m wide and weighs 680 kg. It still fits in your van because its height is kept down to 1.35 m. Yet, this machine can still reach heights up to 3.25 m, and you can slide out its boom up to 1.20 m.

This machine still offers all the advantages of machines in this range: simple stepless operation, simultaneous performance of multiple operations, side shift, two vacuum circuits, big suction pads driven from a large vacuum tank, self-propulsion, and is usable on a variety of surfaces.


  • FlexoLink for curved panels
  • Extender 105 mm and 450 mm
  • Flex Extender, Single 200 mm
  • Flex Extender, Double 200 mm
  • Flexiboom 200 mm
  • Forklift attachment 300 kg
  • Various types of suction pads

Feel free to take a look at our website for more information on this machine!


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