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Traxgo is a leading ISO-certified growth company that offers a unique complete package for optimising business processes. First, by providing a platform that collects information in real time. Second, by providing business software. Ensuring optimum security for customer data is an integral part of our company culture. This is paramount for our staff who do everything possible to achieve this objective.

Certificeringen bevestigen de veiligheid van uw (track-and-trace) gegevensWe continuously invest in technological innovation, structure and organisation. Our organisation remains compliant with current standards by undergoing regular audits. Independent external auditors verify that we continue to satisfy all standards' requirements. We are particularly proud that we can assure our customers their confidential data is in our safe hands. We do so in a variety of ways that include attaining certifications (see below) that assure data is secure, e.g. data related to tracking information.

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Certifications confirm your data is secure