SISA NV is an innovative quality-oriented family business. It profiles itself as a specialist in the development, assembly and distribution of high and low pressure hydraulic connections. SISA NV is also your point of contact for all questions and challenges in the field of hydraulic assemblies. The focus here is on hydraulic hoses as well as bended tubes with connections of your choice. SISA NV uses its technical knowledge and expertise to convert every wish into a cost-effective proposal.

Through its extensive service organization SISAPRESTO ( ), with carefully chosen partners throughout Belgium, SISA is able to offer a 24h service. SISAPRESTO offers a simple cost structure, very well-equipped service cars and very competent professionals and the best price / quality guarantee for all interventions.

At the previous edition of Matexpo, SISA first proposed its permanent dealer network: SISA SERVICE CENTER.

This time the emphasis will be on our new SISA-ASSISTANCE service. This platform bundles our services, both mobile and fixed service locations. More information can be found via the SISA-ASSISTANCE app, which can be downloaded for free