Heusdens Schäffer is the specialist in import, sale, rental and service of wheel loaders and equipment for agriculture, horticulture, horse riding schools, municipalities and industry. We assist our customers in the purchase or rental of new or used wheel loaders and are continuously committed to the further development of our infrastructure, equipment and employees so that we continue to innovate with our strong brand and guarantee an optimal customer and user experience.

This year, Heusdens Schäffer celebrates its 40th anniversary. What started as a family business with a heart for its customers and a passion for quality has since grown into a household name in the world of articulated loaders, wheel loaders and telehandlers.

The family character of Heusdens Schäffer has been preserved all along. As a result, there is a pleasant working atmosphere in which an exceptional group of employees give the best of themselves every day to provide customers with exceptional service 24/7!

Unique range of high-performance wheel loaders and accessories

German "gründlichkeit" translated into a unique range of articulated wheel loaders takes care of the rest! Schäffer articulated wheel loaders have meanwhile earned an unfailing reputation as robust and low-maintenance machines that provide thousands and thousands of hours of reliable service. Especially as entrepreneurs are increasingly challenged by higher costs, it is crucial that their machinery is reliable, economical and durable.

In recent years, Schäffer has already launched many efficiency-optimising innovations.  These include the automatic thrust control "High Traction Force" (HTF) and the "Schäffer Power Transmission" (SPT) that optimizes the interaction between the hydraulic drive system and the engine torques. In addition, Eco Mode, standard on all 50hp+ loaders, is a system that reduces and regulates engine speed to optimize fuel consumption without affecting speed. "Multi High Flow" (MHF), finally, is a feature that optimizes the efficiency of external hydraulics by using patented flushing technology.  

Fully electric wheel loaders have also been part of the Schäffer range since 2017. The Schäffer 23e (and its "yellow brother", the Schäffer 24e) were the first loaders with a lithium-ion battery and are, of course, 100% emission-free.

In January, we proudly introduced our new showpiece to the public. The Schäffer 23e T, the world's first electrically powered telescopic wheel loader, with a lifting height of 3.72m, is powered by a new generation battery of 31.3kWh, which translates into up to eight hours of work. This makes the e-loader's efficiency about three times higher than a fuel-powered machine.

Because productivity and efficiency are more important than ever, we also offer a wide range of accessories that make your Schäffer a hugely versatile machine. Agriculture and horticulture, the horse world, paving or road works, municipal maintenance or industry? Our articulated wheel loaders and accessories ensure that all tricky tasks are completed in no time!

Curious? We have around 60 demonstration machines in stock! Any potential buyer can use one such demonstration machine for a few days to make an informed purchase decision in complete confidence.

Exceptional service 24/7

We help our customers 7 days a week! We have an 11,000 m² workshop, as well as six rolling workshops on our roads. They are real "rolling workshops" of 5 tonnes with all the equipment needed to carry out the interventions. For the machines that come to our workshop, the customer receives a detailed quotation. We have our own welding workshop, to make customised accessories at the customer's request, and also have a spray workshop to repair machines or re-spray parts. Every Schäffer can also be ordered in a colour of your choice!

Our huge 1,200 m² warehouse has two floors. This enables us to deliver wear parts very quickly. We use only original parts or parts approved by Schäffer to ensure a long service life.

So be sure to pay us a visit at MATEXPO or visit our website in advance. Of course, you are also always welcome in our showroom; our sales team will be delighted to guide you through our extensive range and help you find the best wheel loader for your needs.

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