Successful strategy on international markets

Sustained expansion of the global sales and service network, substantial investments in the company’s own manufacturing capacity and continuous development of an increasingly diversified product range mean that the Belgian Keestrack Group is today one of the strongest growing providers of products on the international processing market.

The Keestrack Group’s sustainable revenue growth in recent years has been characterised especially by the strongly increasing share of crushing plants in the company’s overall sales.

Strong global position

Today, Keestrack is represented across the world by a total 700 employees in five company-owned production and distribution centres as well as through 70 dealers and service partners in 52 countries, and is consistently expanding this position in key market regions (South America, Asia). The company’s results consequently exhibit a positive development: following an overall turnover of approx. EUR 85 million in 2016, the still family-owned Group, founded by current CEO Kees Hoogendoorn, is anticipating a sales performance of in excess of EUR 100 million in 2018, corresponding to an increase of at least 20 %.

Besides intensive marketing efforts, a growing share of crushing plants in the overall sales volume is significantly responsible for this in the light of today’s 22 models in six product families of a very diverse range of screening and crushing technology machines. In the past few years in particular, the company has been investing sustainably in its own development and production capacity for jaw, impact and cone crushers comprising its programme of crushing technology for all major mineral and recycling sectors. With regard to the share of today’s crushing plants, Keestrack attributes approx. 50 % of its overall results to the sustained higher value creation potential of its mobile crushing units, which are technologically more sophisticated than conventional screening machines.

Cutting-edge technology for the market

While outstanding mobility has long been a kind of brand essence for Keestrack’s technology thanks to compact transportation dimensions and optimised operating weights even in higher performance classes, the company’s hybrid-and plug-in drive machines, now part of the offering for a couple of years, have also been gaining in popularity across all screening and crushing product ranges. Today, Keestrack is receiving orders for at least 30 % of all units in the form of diesel electric units, some with full electric plug-in option. The share of hybrid and plug-in drive plants within the heavy-duty crusher series has actually even risen to 90 %.

Full flexibility thanks to on-board diesel engines means the Keestrack hybrid machines offer considerable savings in total operating costs: Keestrack lists the key advantages of highly efficient electric drives as: lower maintenance costs, higher levels of availability, longer service life, better environmental compatibility and an immediate reduction of energy costs.

Integrated machine management

Keestrack also promotes the increased networking of mobile plants equipped with intelligent control technologies. On the basis of real-time data, the satellite-based Keestrack-er GPS communications system can today facilitate location-based telemonitoring of machines currently in operation. Any occurring malfunctions are reported immediately, relevant performance data (hours of operation, consumption, crusher settings, production rates etc.) are continuously recorded on an internet-based user portal, thereby contributing to the optimisation of machine performance and the operational maintenance organisation.

The satellite-based Keestrack-er plant management system records performance data in real-time and facilitates interactive access to management functions and machine settings.

Extensively automated routines for diagnosis, maintenance and production analysis are designed to safeguard long-term optimum availability and profitability of processing units in quarrying or recycling operations.