Replace your wooden plates today with Alkus plates

Are your current formwork plates in need of replacement? Why would you replace them with a product which needs replacing over 2 years time again! Does your current replacement plate offerte a 7 year garantee? We have the solution!

Why should you choose to replace the plating of your current system with Alkus plates?

Let us sum up the most important points...

Better than timber:

Moisture penetration not only affects the longevity of timber panels – it also spoils the concrete finish.

•Lasts 20 times longer

•No shrinking, swelling or rotting

•No moisture absorption

•No discolouration of the concrete

•High resistance to UV rays

•High abrasion resistance

•High resistance to acids, alkalis and chemicals

Visit us at stand 206 during Matexpo and enquire about the Alkus plating.

Becona is the exclusive distributer of the Alkus plating in the BeNeLux region.

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